This document will help you adjust the settings on the GDS3710 with firmware XXXX to allow audio and video during a call on your hosted PBX service.


  • Access to the phone's GUI
  • SIP Credentials - Find how to get them here
  • GDS Firmware:
  • Yealink Firmware

Configure GDS3710 via Web GUI

  1. Log in to GDS3710 Web GUI
    NOTE: Username is admin, default password is printed on the back panel of the device
  2. Complete the following fields using the SIP credentials from the Manager Portal
    • Account Name: Name of the device
    • SIP Server: Enter the Domain/Proxy
    • Outbound Proxy:
    • SIP User ID: Enter the Username
    • Authentication ID: Enter the Username
    • Password: Enter the Password
  3. Go to Door System Settings
    1. Call Mode: SIP Number
    2. Doorbell Mode: Call Doorbell Number
    3. Door Bell Call Mode: Serial Hunting
    4. Number Called When Door Bell Pressed: Extension of the Yealink phone
  4. Go to SIP Setting > SIP Advanced Settings > Enable SIP Proxy Compatibility Mode