Our platform support various types of faxing. The different models are explained below.

mFax - Digital

mFax is our latest faxing product that lets you send and receive faxes digitally using email, windows printer drivers and an easy to use web portal.

mFax - Analog

mFax is our high reliablity option for physical fax and imaging machines. We use the mFax Faxbridge to deliver an analog connection to your device before sending digitally to our service.

Traditional Analog Line (ATA)

A piece of equipment called an Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA) can be used to connect your analog fax machine, or another device, to our service. This option is used if providing your own ATA. We support T.38 with G.711u failback. Note that we will not be able to assist in troubleshooting any issues related to faxing with traditional ATAs.

Unlimited Fax Line (VMF) - Retired

This option is designed for those who prefer to use physical fax machines. It requires the use of an adapter (ATA) such as the Obi300 or our Instant Fax module. Faxes are sent from the fax machine. Inbound faxes can be delivered to the machine or email as required. Fax lines are billed per machine connected.