Users in the system may own one or more SIP devices. These devices can be configured to ring together or separately according to the User's Answering Rules. In order to link a SIP device to a User's extension, you must add a SIP Phone to that User's profile.


  • Office Manager Access to Manager Portal
  • Make and model of SIP phone (Optional)
  • MAC address of SIP phone (Optional)

Add a Device

  1. Using any browser log into the manager portal
  2. Click on Users
  3. On the line with the user's name click on the Edit icon at the right and then click on Phones
  4. Click Add Phone
  5. If you are adding an additional device, you will need to enter a suffix. Simply select any letter in the alphabet that is not already in use.
  6. For provisioned devices:
    • Model: Select the Make & Model of your device
    • MAC Address: Enter the MAC Address of your device
      NOTE: This can typically be found on a sticker on the back of the phone.
    • Line Number: 1
  7. For softphones & manually registered devices, just click Add
  8. To view the registration information for a softphone or manually registered phone, edit the newly created device and note the Domain/Proxy, Outbound Proxy, Username, and Password